“I liked your product Utrihelth. I started Utrihelth one month back for my irregular periods and loss of libido. I got my periods on the regular expected dates after taking Utirhelth. I felt my lost libido was restored. I would like to order another bottle of Utrihelth”

-Ms. Melanie Brummell

“I started Vigomax, herbal supplement by Charak Pharma, for my general health and stamina. I am happy with the supplement and I feel improvement in my overall stamina and performance.”

– Mr. Brummell

“I used to suffer from recurrent sinusitis and infections since my schooling days. I used your herbal supplement Immunrich for my problem. Immunrich helped me to control the symptoms and now I feel fresh. Thanks.”

– Ms. Ghadge

“I started taking the supplement – Vigomax and have noticed increased energy levels, alertness, improvement of my sexual interest and a more positive mood. I take Vigomax twice daily after meals and feels really energetic.”

– Mr. Jacob

“I am using Utrihelth with Diaguard since 2 months – daily 1 capsule twice daily for my menstrual problem and PCOS. These supplements have regularized my menstruation and reduced other menstrual symptoms like pain, discomfort, etc. I thanks Charak for providing the best herbal supplements to support my heath conditions.”

– Ms. Esha

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