Utrihelth Herbal supplement for menstrual comfort


Herbal supplement for menstrual comfort

60 Vegetarian Capsules

Utrihelth is comprehensive supplement for menstrual health and comfort. It offers a broad approach to women’s health by supporting proper hormone utilization and balance. The phytoestrogenic property of Utrihelth assists women combat physical and emotional discomfort during menstruation. Utrihelth regulates stress-free cycles by maintaining the levels of the female hormones in the body.+

NO Egg, NO Gluten, NO Milk, NO Wheat, Paraben Free



The menstrual cycle is a complex set of communication and actions; anything that interrupts this communication of reproductive system may cause the uterus to not function properly.

Utrihelth is a herbal blend designed to support a more comfortable menstrual cycle. It strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal control, improving uterine tone, and improving the symptoms associated with the monthly menstrual cycle. The prime herbal extracts of Ashoka, Shatavari, Lodhra have been used for centuries to support uterine health and to control discomforts associated with menstruation. Utrihelth, due to its antioxidant activity and ability to modulate cellular response to stress, assists women combat physical and emotional discomfort during menstruation.+

  • Supports female reproductive system*
  • Restores hormonal and emotional balance to provide an optimum sense of well-being*
  • Assists women to combat physical and emotional discomfort during menstrual cycles*

For optimum results, 3 months of intake suggested.

1 capsule twice a day

1 unit will last for 30 days only

Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Saraca indica

Known as: Ashok Briksh

Found in: Himalaya, Kerala, Bengal and whole South region. In the North-East Indian forests, it is found on the Khasi, Garo and Lussi hills.

Assists in: Asoka, the Sanskrit word literally means ‘without sorrow’ or one that gives no grief. It is considered the most ancient and sacred tree of India, and universally known to support overall women’s health. It also has mood stabilizing effects. Given as a tonic to women suffering from uterine dysfunctions. Stem bark assists in modulating dysfunctions associated with the menstrual cycle and menorrhagia. Supports female reproductive system with balancing effects on female hormones.+


Asparagus racemosus

Known as:  Shatavari or Wild Asparagus

Found in: Low altitudes in shade and in tropical climates throughout Asia, Australia and Africa.

Assists in: Shatavari is traditionally known for its ‘Female Rejuvenative’ property. Shatavari has phytoestrogenic  activity that supports the healthy functioning of the female reproductive organs. Shatavari supports in many common gynecological problems like irregularities in menstrual cycle, PMS, infertility and sexual dysfunction. It is one of the best adaptogenic herbs to increase the non-specific resistance against variety of stresses.+

Name Quantity
Asoka Tree Bark Extract 75 Mg
Shatavari Root Extract 60 Mg
Lodh Tree Leaf Extract 60 Mg
Ginger Rhizome Extract 50 Mg
Aloe vera Dried Leaf Extract 45 Mg
+Disclaimer - These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

“I am using Utrihelth with Diaguard since 2 months – daily 1 capsule twice daily for my menstrual problem and PCOS. These supplements have regularized my menstruation and reduced other menstrual symptoms like pain, discomfort, etc. I thanks Charak for providing the best herbal supplements to support my heath conditions.”

Ms. Esha

“I liked your product Utrihelth. I started Utrihelth one month back for my irregular periods and loss of libido. I got my periods on the regular expected dates after taking Utirhelth. I felt my lost libido was restored. I would like to order another bottle of Utrihelth.”

Ms. Melanie

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