Dos and Don’ts for Osteoarthritis Diet

People suffering from osteoarthritis try all sorts of massages and therapies, exercises, pain-killers and other medications but always compromise on food. Along with exercise, plan your osteoarthritis diet properly and abide by it to experience the power of food. [...]

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De-Stress Yourself with Yoga and Herbs

Making decisions, relationship issues, financial insecurities, pending bills, sleepless night, meeting deadlines, traveling through the heavy traffic and the other infinite stressful tasks build up lot of pressure on our mind and health.  In today’s modernized world, where stress [...]

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Tips to beat diabetes

Tips to beat Diabetes

Worldwide, diabetes poses a great challenge to human race. However, this challenge can be prevented, delayed and managed by simple lifestyle modifications. Small steps towards health reward back in big way. If you are overweight with bmi above 25, [...]

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